DYGYCON is a metaverse convention featuring crypto projects, presentations, giveaways, and community networking!
Hosted bi-monthly by Splinterlands and powered by Inverse! 😎

Live Schedule & Activities

Activities and events lined up by DYGYCON and sponsors Friday to Sunday, so be sure to stay in the space and check the event landing page tab for complete Official Schedule.

See our Twitter & blog for sneak peeks, info, and more! 😎

Background Music

Azure Blue by Miramare x Clément Matrat
Track: Ocean Drift

🎤 Our Past Speakers

All Our Sponsors 😎

What people are saying 🧐

“I really liked the event, [I] think the future of conventions will be digital.”

“It was my first time on Dygycon and there was just so much to see in there, so many places and projectsto learn about, and so many people to talk to and share the experience with. I can only say that it was ablast for me, and I hope to see you around the next one!”

“These events are such a cool way to interact with other people and companies in the blockchain arena. Itis particularly important due to COVID and still being able to get people together, but regardless of that, it is an affordable way (no travel/lodging) to meet other people from around the world!”

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