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Exhibit Halls

Explore and showcase brands, projects, influencers, and more with virtual booths.


GOLD Booths are small and 3 can fit in a row. You must choose between slides or video for display.


There are 8 available halls that can be branded with a room icon and banner along the walls inside of the exhibit hall.


DIAMOND Booths are medium-sized and 2 can fit in a row. You must choose between slides or video for display.


PLATINUM Booths are the largest booths and one fits in an entire row. You can choose BOTH slides and video display.


Booth tables hold 4 links and additional links are listed in the booth profile.

Chat Area

When you are inside the booth, you are in an outlined chat area where you can interact and not be distracted by booths and people outside of your chat area.


All booths have a profile that can be accessed by clicking on the NPC (Non-Player Character) at the booth or by clicking on the booth name from the Directory.

Chat Experience

Your booth floor is free to use to interact with anyone inside with text, video, and screenshare. You can also set up private chats to talk to specific people.


You can add sneak previews, QR codes, challenges, booth hours, and more.


You don’t need to stay at your booth, but it is recommended to interact with passerby guests. Send them emotes to get their attention.


Use the DYGYCON Discord server to coordinate with staff on where your booth is placed. You can also collaborate with other sponsors for events and activities throughout the event.


Schedule events with the DYGYCON staff to add so that guests are alerted inside when the time draws near.

Room Capacity

When the room reaches 35 guests, a new instance opens up so everyone still access the room. If you’d like to switch instances when they’re free, click the Teleport button at the top right when you’re inside the event.


Placement of booths are organized on the back-end of Gamerjibe by the event organizer. Sponsors can let us know where they’d like to be situated by sending us the ROOM/HALL NAME and a screenshot or description of where they would like to be placed. NOTE: Some of the halls could be fully booked by a sponsor. You may have to reach out to them through the DYGYCON discord or directly.


There are 5 sets of rows for booths to be placed inside any of the 8 Halls. Each set can hold 1 PLATINUM or 2 DIAMOND or 3 GOLD booths.

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