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Main Stage Beta

The “one-to-many” presentation room where speakers are able to be heard and seen across every instance.


In this room, you won’t need to move your camera perspective so you can focus on the main stage.


Users with a Speaker role are allowed to join the presentation. The first speaker can START and END a presentation.

Theater Mode

Currently in progress is the theater pop-up mode that allows for a focused large display of the presentation and chat box column.

Chat Restrictions

Text chat can be used at any time. Voice, video, and screenshare are allowed by all users and DISABLED when a speaker STARTS a presentation.

Room Capacity

Speakers are heard across every instance, but only the people inside the first instance will be able to interact with speakers once they END a presentation.

When the room reaches 35 guests, a new instance opens up so everyone still access the room. If you’d like to switch instances when they’re free, click the Teleport button at the top right when you’re inside the event.