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DYGYCON is happy to host an NFT Auction (bi-monthly) and everyone is welcome to submit or participate! We have hosted both live and silent auctions as we continue to grow. Check back to see what we have in store!

🚩 DYGYCON 12 will host a third party auction!
🚩 Deadline to sign up to list your NFT is 11/16/22 at 11:59 pm EST.

Listing Overview

  • Complete the signup form to list your NFT
  • It is free to apply and you may donate 20% of sale to DYGYCON
  • DYGYCON team creates the Auction Room slides to showcase
  • If NFT does not sell, you may opt to list for the next DYGYCON
  • Check your email for follow up. You’ll need to whitelist

Bidder Overview

  • Follow instructions whether it is the silent, live, or 3rd party auction
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Check your email for follow up. You’ll need to whitelist

3rd Party Auction

  1. See Auction slides in the Auction Room inside DYGYCON
  2. Use the 3rd party link to participate in the auction
  3. Follow instructions on each respective website to enter bids

Silent Auction

  1. Complete the Bidder Profile Form once
  2. Submit the Bidding Form as many times as you want
  3. View the Live Responses

Example slides below from a previous event:

Bidder Form

This form will collect identifying information so that we can contact you when you win a bid! If additional wallet or info is needed, we will email you. We will also coordinate payment either through us or directly to the owner of the listing. To maintain privacy for bidders, you would enter the username for use Bidding Forms. There is a separate bidding form for each item/item set!

Bidding Forms

Each item or item set up for auction will have their own bidding forms. All responses are recorded in realtime in the Live Response Sheet. Click the appropriate tab to see the current bids.

Live Auction

  1. Arrive on time into the Auction House located inside the event
  2. Talk to Waffles Kitty (Sarah) to be invited to private chatroom
  3. When ready to bid, use the RAISE HAND button
  4. When you WIN, email to facilite transactions

Note: If there are more than 35 people inside the Auction House, additional instances are opened and you may not be able to see everyone participating, which is why we manually invite up to 50 people into private chat to participate.


What happens if there are more than 50 people in private chat?

We will remove private chat and have a DYGYCON staff member in each instance communicate with each room on bidding. Staff members will use a separate communication channel such as Discord to confirm bids and winners.