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Spawning into the Welcome Room!

The Welcome Room is your landing point into the DYGYCON virtual event venue powered by Inverse.

Welcome Room

This area is the first place everyone enters (or ‘spawns into’) once they click on the button from the landing page to the browser-based metaverse experience.

When the room reaches 35 guests, a new instance opens up so everyone still access the room. If you’d like to switch instances when they’re free, click the Teleport button at the top right when you’re inside the event.

Fishing Pond

When you enter the Welcome Room, behind you will be a fishing pond area. Try moving your avatar there and click the water to start fishing! You’ll see a white button appear when you can catch a fish! There’s a leaderboard refreshed daily to show who has been catching the largest fish. DYGYCON also provides an NFT Achievement Badge if you caught the biggest fish over the weekend. (Redeemed on the Hive blockchain)


When you enter the Welcome Room, to your right, is the patio area where there are fireside chat areas and an additional fishing pond! Click on the fire to roast marshmallows.

Splinterlands Booth

Our event host, Splinterlands has a large booth in the section past the Photo Booth and Exhibit Halls. You may find some goodies hidden in the booth!

Community Lounge, Party Room, and Auction Room

The community lounge is a place to network, chill, and answer some icebreaker questions on beanbag chairs.

Pick up concession drinks, lounge in chat areas, and dance on the main stage in the Party Room.

Explore exclusive goodies sold by individuals and sponsored projects in the NFT Auction Room.

Chat Areas

You’ll see highlighted blue and green lines on the floor that surround each chat area to use your mics and video so you can interact with others. BLUE lines mean you can enter that area to chat. GREEN lines mean you’re in that chat area.


When you enter the Welcome room, to your left is a door that leads to the tailgate area for a variety of games and activities.

Photo Booth

Select sponsors that confirm PLATINUM booths or purchase a logo slot will get displayed on a photo backdrop area with red carpet.

Exhibit Halls

To the left and right sides of the Photo Booth are the halls that contain sponsors and vendors with booths to check out and explore.

SWAG Booth

This is everyone’s favorite spot to see what kind of SWAG sponsors are giving out and what you’ll need in order to be eligible to win! If you’re interested in winning, read the rules on the second slide carefully! Part 1: Sign up with the link on the booth table. Part 2: Wait for an email to come in within a week after the event.

Presentation Room

This is a special room that presentations are held either by sponsors, influencers, or other groups. There are movie theater-styled seats and a stage for speakers.