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What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is an ongoing virtual event brought to you be the creators of Splinterlands! Thanks to our huge network of good friends, innovative partners and visionary communities found in the course of our years of success, DYGYCON is your chance to make your own life-changing connections every two months!

How do you pronounce DYGYCON?
dih jee kan
dih is pronounced similar to the word digital
jee is pronounced similar to the word jeep
kan is pronounced similar to the words convention or kanji

Read articles on with the DYGYCON hashtag
Interact such as sending an upvote with your HIVE account.

Check us out on MarketSquare
See the awesome promo video the MarketSquare team made for us and find links, reviews, and more.

How do I get involved?

What’s in it for me?
There will be all sorts of goodies for those who spawn in the DYGYCON space during the event. Our events have given guests over thousands of dollars worth of free stuff from NFT swag bags to spawn prizes! Space will fill quickly, so arrive early!

  • Industry experts in blockchain. gaming, collectibles, and DeFi
  • Companies, projects, and products seeking an audience
  • SWAG, Achievement Badges, and Scavenger Hunt

How do I get in? What’s the password?

  1. RSVP when link available and follow us on Twitter
  2. Doors “open” at the appointed time listed on the event page. So, no password will be needed at the official start time of DYGYCON! Passwords are for sponsors to preview the space while it is under construction~
  3. System Requirements: Standard PC + Good Internet
  4. Check the compatibility checker.
  5. Send any bug reports here.

How do I move around? How can I move the camera?
LEFT Mouse Click to move around by default.
RIGHT Mouse Click to move your camera and change your perspective!

  • Click on the Settings icon on the left, click on Movement controls, and switch to WASD movement which allows you to press SPACEBAR to make your avatar jump!
  • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out!
  • Press N to toggle on/off names

What are instances? Why can’t I get into a room for a live event?
There can only be 35 participants in any given instance of the room or hall. When a room gets full, a new instance opens up so that you’ll be able to access the same contents without waiting for users to free up space.
If you are in a private chat room, the max # of participants is 50!

When will instances allow larger capacity?
We have been in talks with the Inverse (rebranded from Gamerjibe) team to get this prioritized and confirm that this is in their road map! They let us know that a new Presentation Room will allow users with the Speaker role to be heard across all instances. Short answer: Very soon!

Why can’t I hear anyone?
🤔 Check if you are inside designated chat zones. You’ll see a green line around the area lit up. If you are outside of a chat zone, it would be a blue line.
🎤 Check your mic settings and maybe some fiddling around will help. Use the gear icon on the top left of the event to adjust your device settings.
Use the ❓ question mark icon on the top left to open up Inverse’s FAQ & tech support live chat.
😅 Were you in a private chat earlier? You’ll see a red button to leave the private chat so you can return to the regular chat zones around the event.

How do I win SWAG?
When you enter the event, find the SWAG Booth and click on the green globe icon on top of the booth table to fill out the form. You will see a description and list of links from our SWAG Booth Sponsors and relevant links.
See the SWAG Booth slides for eligibility requirements!

  1. Sign up by clicking on the link at the DYGYCON SWAG Booth inside the venue. You’ll see a green globe icon (🟢) on the table. The form will close when the venue closes and no submissions after will be accepted! 🤯
  2. You will receive an email with a SWAG Wallet Collection Form to complete and will close soon after. This form will request additional information requested by sponsors to confirm your eligibility for SWAG.
  3. SWAG is distributed by sponsors on their timeline and DYGYCON will share updates on Twitter when received!

Does DYGYCON actively endorse sponsors?
Some sponsors are partners of Splinterlands. Many sponsors that attend are not extensively vetted.
NFA = Not Financial Advice
DYOR = Do Your Own Research!


How can I sponsor DYGYCON?
See the register page.

Who can get a booth at DYGYCON?
DYGYCON is built for anyone looking to make solid connections and good relationships in the blockchain space, which is notorious for tribalism and lots of noise. If you support us, your success in making these connections will become part of our mission at DYGYCON.

Any (crypto or web3) project, influencer/personality, community, or event can join! Companies/projects with tools that help above types of individuals/groups may participate as well!

A booth is your chance to display your project and bring in your followers for an immersive experience to discover others within the community. You can host your own meetup events and activities as well.

How do I get a booth set up?
See the FAQ and email with the name of your booth so that it can be reviewed and added into the event.

What kinds of booths are there?
Booths have varying sizes. The PLATINUM BOOTH is the largest booth and will allow you to include BOTH slideshow display and video.

All booths come with built-in private chat within your booth, an NPC (non-player character) that provides directory description of your booth, 4 hyper links on your table and up to 7 total links in the directory.

Once you’re confirmed for a booth, we’ll discuss hyping up your attendance at DYGYCON on our Twitter and other social media channels. During the livestream, we will visit your booth with the viewers if time allows.


Who is Splinterlands?
Splinterlands is the hit blockchain trading card game in which players really own their cards and play for real money rewards.

It is a lot like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards and battle. You can battle other players in matches and tournaments. Each card is unique has different stats and abilities.

Why is Splinterlands hosting DYGYCON?
One of Splinterlands’ chief goals has always been to be the first blockchain game to reach mass adoption. While we are on track to accomplish this, we have added a new mission: To facilitate, create and enhance connections in the blockchain space. Each day as Splinterlands grows, so does our potential to help others with similar missions to achieve the same goals. We are all stronger together.