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Having the most engagement and fun at DYGYCON means coming up with creative ways to interact and play within the metaverse. Here are some ideas we’ve come up for anyone looking to create some engagement.

⚑ If you’d like DYGYCON to promote your events and activities, feel free to email info & links to and tag us on Twitter @dygycon!

Social Media & Content

Amp up your game by promoting DYGYCON and your attendance at the event with a strong marketing presence to your followers and community.

Engagement through:

  • Polls
  • Blogs (Example)
  • AMA
  • Challenge
  • Tutorial screenshots/video
  • Preview screenshots/video
  • Share tips and secrets
  • Sneak peaks
  • Behind-the-scenes screenshots/video
  • Giveaways
  • Sales/Coupons

Profile Powered Up!

Make the most out of your user profile. Guests are now able to save your contact inside the event so that it can be accessed on their user dashboard. Everyone can click on your avatar in the event and see your profile.

  • Username examples:
    • Waffles Kitty | Event Coordinator | DYGYCON
    • Waffles Kitty | DYGYCON.COM
  • Bio ideas:
    • Promotional text
    • Include additional links
    • Include your wallet addresses
  • Personal Website URL ideas:
    • Use a link that goes to all your relevant links (LinkTree or AllMyLinks)
    • Use a preferred CTA (Call-To-Action) link such as a Referral link, Sign-up link, Calendar/Meeting link, etc.
Hover over your profile icon at the top right and click “User Settings,” then optimize your profile by filling everything out!
Inside DYGYCON: Click on an avatar, then click “See Info”
Click the Attendees icon on the right side panel


Booth visitation rewards
You can create your own SWAG to offer at your booth -especially for those that come and interact with you and your team. This can be in the form of a link to a form at your booth, tagging you on social media with a screenshot, or launching a QR code from your booth slide to enter the giveaway on another platform of your choice.

Custom Items

A great way to promote your brand is to get avatar customized clothes and accessories. The Gamerjibe team has an array of options for MetaMerch to choose from and at varying price points. Design time for these assets usually need a lead time of 3 weeks prior to the event and you must have provided them any necessary information and images to get the work done in time for testing and use. Expedited costs may incur.

Custom Clothes and Accessories can be unlocked by guests with a special access code.

Activity Leaderboards and Tracked Data

Activities inside DYGYCON that are tracked by Gamerjibe and can be provided to you to create fun events and send out prizes.
Email for any of these analytics, however users’ personal identifying information will not be disclosed without their consent.

ActivityTracked Data Analytics
Time Spent⌚ # of minutes spent of each guest
⌚ # of minutes spent actively of each guest
⌚ # of minutes spent of each guest in each booth
⌚ # of minutes spent by guests in each booth
⌚ # of minutes spent total by guests each day
Presentation RoomπŸŽ₯ # of minutes spent in the presentation/theater of each guest
LivestreamπŸ“Ί # of minutes spent having the livestream toggled ON inside the event of each guest
Star Collection / Scavenger Hunt✨ # of collected stars of each guest
Fishing Pond🐟 # of attempts of each guest
🐟 # of successful attempts of each guest
🐟 Top 10 users + Size of fish caught on Leaderboard (a screenshot of the leaderboard must be taken manually at a time of your choosing)
Mini GolfπŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ Top 10 users + Score caught on Leaderboard (a screenshot of the leaderboard must be taken manually at a time of your choosing)
Corn Hole Toss🌽 Top 10 users + Score caught on Leaderboard (a screenshot of the leaderboard must be taken manually at a time of your choosing)
Bean Bag ChairsπŸ˜€ # of times used of each guest
Bonfire & MarshmallowsπŸ”₯ # of marshmallows roasted
πŸ”₯ # of marshmallows burns / on fire
Dances on StageπŸ’ƒ # of dances of each guest

Screenshare with Sound or DJ

Set a date and time (up to 2 hours for DJs) for your event and have everyone meet you in anywhere (i.e. Party Room on the stage by the DJ booth and dance floor on stage).

Scavenger Hunt

You can host a scavenger hunt within DYGYCON or externally on your own website/landing pages or elsewhere. Just be sure to let all your followers know directions and where to go. It helps to have your staff around or a place for them to message you for any questions.

Just let DYGYCON staff know where and how you are hosting this inside the venue and we can add info to the Official Schedule.


  • Hide QR codes, text hints and image(s) inside your booth slides
    • You can collaborate with DYGYCON staff and other booths
  • Utilize your staff to hang out inside and ask guests to try to find them and talk to them for clues, to get checked in (your staff keeps tabs on who found them), or for prizes.
  • You can create riddle phrases in your booth slides and have guests find the answer from a variety of areas (inside DYGYCON, from a video on your channel, in your Discord or Telegram server, etc.)
  • Generate a bingo board image on Bingo Baker (you can use whatever tool to create it) and have guests complete it. Think about how you are able to verify completion!


  • Use your own website/platform to hide various QR codes, text hints, and images

Through DYGYCON’s Scavenger Hunt Activity

DYGYCON creates a BINGO card and promotes it across social media. This is a screenshot challenge for Twitter primarily. Read more here. You can work with DYGYCON staff to add an activity here in return for providing participants that complete the task a prize or a chance for one or select number of guests to receive a prize.

Host Meetups, Challenges, and Games

Create and promote events for guests to attend during their exploration of the DYGYCON Metaverse.

Designate a person, group and place to meet in the event whether it is by the pond, bonfire in the patio, or at your booth. You might want to invite people into a private group chat so you can hear everyone in your group instead of publicly.

If you need everyone to be in the same chat room, then meet at a place and invite each person to your private chat so that you can all communicate together wherever you are in the event. Note: If you leave the private chat, then someone from that chat must add you back in. You can find someone part of the private chat and click on their avatar to poke them and send emotes.

Use the power of video, chat, emotes, and screenshare. In any chat area (the highlighted lines surrounding areas you can speak in) you can show your video at the top of the screen in a small circle. As long as you’re speaking, your video circle will be actively shown. You can use the chat shown at the bottom left by pressing SHIFT + ENTER or clicking the chat button in the middle console menu. Use your screenshare button at the bottom middle console menu in minimized or theater mode to present instructions, keep tally of participants, show gameplay, and livestream anything on your screen.

General Meetings

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Fireside chat
  • Workshops
  • Launch Party

Watch and Learn
A watch and learn by hosting a time to go over a demo, watch your most popular video or a video you want more visibility on and then have an informal Q&A session after. You can screenshare and record the session too.

How about a workshop on your process when discovering a crypto project and how you determine its value? Or a workshop on how to discover and trade NFTs. Show live examples and maybe take requests from audience if any.

Any game tournament hosted live for those who are in your booth. Everyone can share screens and you can view all screens in the event (screenshare theater view) and provide some commentary.

You can livestream the event and DYGYCON staff can add info to the Official Schedule.

Find me / Hide and Seek
Tell guests you have to find someone inside the event and take a selfie with them, then post it to Twitter. You can start by all meeting in one place, inviting each participant into a large private chat (which means you can all talk to each other no matter where you are inside the event) and the person that will hide will simply use the teleport button and let the games begin!

You can add layers to this game such as including trivia, using online forms to submit information, including screenshots, posting findings to social media, etc.

Icebreakers in the Community Lounge

One of the newest things added to DYGYCON is the Community Lounge where you can answer some generated questions around crypto and randomized ice breaker questions. If you’d like to contribute or hijack the question bank (up to 100 currently), reach out to to discuss how to make this happen.