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Share your project by owning a virtual booth, branding a room, creating custom items, hosting a talk/workshop/AMA, or offer SWAG at the DYGYCON SWAG Booth. If you are a partner of Splinterlands, your booth will be DISCOUNTED! 🥰

General Attendee

Virtually attend using your computer or desktop. Mobile and tablet is not currently supported yet!

Customize your avatar, find yourself on the livestream, listen in on cool talks, and participate in various activities around the venue from fishing to dancing on stage!

In the future, we’re looking to add in more goodies and introduce VIP tier passes, so keep a look out and remember to enter your feedback because we’re listening. 👂


Early access to booths and info, receive secret event codes to unlock skins and accessories, and still get to participate in activities to win prizes. 🏆

You’ll also be able to use this experience as an event staff volunteer for future opportunities.